Window coatings and similar purported products

There has been a trend at various times over the years to put on a coating to stop the dirt from sticking to the glass or the salt, some used a blocking of the glass imperfections to create a smooth surface, while that theory seems like it will work, I…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How often do I maintain the glass? A – That depends on a few factors, such as location, weather aspects, trees, etc, as a general rule 3 monthly in and out and every second time outside. For commercial window cleaning Melbourne and residential window cleaning Melbourne, say Braeside,…

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Types of windows and glass

There are so many types of glass on the market today, some can’t be scraped or detergent used on them, some require a small amount of rinse aid or other tricks of the trade.  One common misconception is what we use, while that is vitally important for professionals, the way…

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Methodology What Professional Window Cleaners Use and How

Squee-gee and detergent or pure water system with brush, soft flocked or firm flocked and extension pole. Both are great for washing glass and maintenance.  In the age of safety first, cleaning two and three storey windows with a water fed pole is not only safe, it is somewhat easier,…

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General Window Cleaning Processes and Maintenance

You know when you see a swan gracefully gliding in the water, and underneath paddling furiously, that is similar to how we operate, so much has to be right, set up, maintained, custom manufactured, even from new as each piece of equipment fits the professional, before the seemingly simple and…

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